Post Operative Care

Plymouth Orthopaedic and Sports Injury Clinic

Following your surgery, there will be a period of recuperation and recovery.

After simple day-case surgery this may involve very little other than care of wound and modification of activity.

Following more complex surgery, after care may be more involved. For example it may require a period of joint immobilisation, or of modified weight-bearing using crutches. Sometimes a plaster cast or splint or orthopaedic boot/shoe will be prescribed.

All required devices will be provided as part of your surgical treatment package, and prior to discharge our physiotherapists will ensure that you know how to use them and that you are safe to mobilise and to be discharged home.

Post-operative review by your surgeon is usually indicated. As a rule, we aim to see most patients within the first two weeks after surgery or thereabouts, to check that wounds are healing well, to remove clips or stitches if required, to check for any signs of complications and to ensure that you are making appropriate progress. Advice will be given as to appropriate on-going mobilisation. We liaise closely with physiotherapists if required.

We would routinely follow patients up with regular clinic reviews until both you and your surgeon are happy that you have recovered well from your operation. Many patients can be discharged after six to eight weeks if all is going well, but following more complex surgery, longer term follow up may well be indicated.

We aim:

  1. To ensure that you understand the likely post operative course, before you decide to undergo surgery, and to help you understand the effect it will have on work and leisure activities, and how you will be able to cope at home.
  2. To provide you with appropriate surgical aids, and physiotherapy to facilitate your recovery.
  3. To ensure that post operative pain and discomfort are adequately treated.
  4. To address the risks of developing a blood clot post operatively and discuss with you appropriate treatment to prevent this.
  5. To provide 24/7 Consultant availability via The Plymouth Nuffield Hospital, so that post-operative concerns can be addressed appropriately.