Plymouth Orthopaedic and Sports Injury Clinic

 The human foot is an immensely complicated structure, made up of many bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.  Not only does it support our body weight, but in walking and running the structures of the foot are subjected to enormous loads.  In some sports, the foot is not only responsible for movement and posture, but also for kicking, an activity that combines power with finesse!  We ask a lot from our feet,

The structures of the foot are prone to injury, but also may be afflicted by other conditions, particularly degenerative and inflammatory arthritis.  Diabetic patients are particularly prone to foot and ankle problems.

A specific injury may be the very obvious start of a foot/ankle problem, but often symptoms present with gradual oset of pain, loss of function, swelling or a change in the shape of your foot.

Many foot and ankle complaints can be managed without surgery, and at POSIC we would always look to non-operative treatment options before advising surgery.  In particular modification of lifestyle and footwear, the provision of orthotics (insoles), physiotherapy and targeted injections will often keep symptoms under control and allow you to resume normal activity levels.